Cheryl’s delightful white chocolate-wrapped present cakes, baskets, mini-cheesecake rounds, torts and other baked treats can elevate any event, welcome guests in a special way, and make a guest-of-honor shine. Colors and decoration are customized to your wishes. Pick a flavor below and let the creativity start flowing. Have an idea you don’t see here? Custom desserts can be envisioned and created. Contact Cheryl to talk about your dessert today!

White Chocolate Wrapped Present Cakes

A cake of your choice is wrapped with imported chocolate as an edible present!  We tie it with chocolate ribbons and a festive bow.  Colors and decoration are customized to your wishes.

Traditional Cakes

(for more options, see the Flavors page)

White Chocolate Fresh Raspberry Cake – A light white cake with whipped white chocolate ganache and fresh raspberries.  A favorite for weddings and showers.

Sunshine Lemon Cake – A light white cake filled with fresh lemon curd and finished with a whipped white chocolate ganache or cream cheese buttercream.

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cake – Our chocolate cake layered with chocolate truffle frosting and fresh raspberries. Decadence for the chocolate lover.

Walnut Spice Cake – A light spice cake with the nutty crunch of walnuts.  Frosted and filled with white chocolate cream cheese buttercream that’s not too sweet.

Carrot Cake – This well-balanced combination of complex flavors, with walnuts and white chocolate cream cheese buttercream frosting in every bite, is a unique choice.

Cookie Dough Cake – Yellow cake with chocolate ganache frosting and a surprise cookie dough filling.

“Dear Cheryl, Once again, thank you so much for the beautiful job on the cakes. As always they are quite the hit of every party. The cake was absolutely precious! And as always delicious.”